The following description of a grooming process has been made available by courtesy of my breeder-friend Monika Knöpfli. If you wish detailed advice or wish to have your dog groomed, please contact Monika Knöpfli directly by Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden der E-Maile-mail or by calling +41 52 740 10 04.


Most purchasers of wiry coated dog breeds are unfortunately not informed, or are badly informed, about the characteristics of this type of coat. Many owners think it is cruel to strip the dog’s hair. Therefore, many prefer to clip their dog, destroying the practical characteristics of the wiry coat (in other words - the coat will lose its weather resistant quality). Clipping also changes the look and texture of the coat quite noticeably.


Hair that needs grooming only grows to a certain length, then the root of the hair shrinks and then it dies. When the dog starts moulting it must be groomed as soon as possible. This means that the dead hair is removed by hand. The skin can breath again and there is room for new hair to grow. If the grooming is done professionally, it doesn’t cause any discomfort to the dog! The opposite is true: It is quite a comfort to get rid of the dead, itchy hair!


The only problem is, that often the dog to be groomed does not have enough patience and discipline to stand still for the grooming of his coat. Therefore it is very important to start grooming early-when the dog is a puppy! It must be put on a table and combed and brushed several times every week in order to get accustomed to this procedure.


In its country of origin the terrier strolls through hedges and bushes. In this manner the dead hair is caught on the branches and the coat can breath again. This is the natural replacement for grooming and helps shed the coat.


By clipping or scissoring, the hair is only shortened leaving the rest of the dead hair on the dog thus preventing the new, wiry coat from growing. The coat becomes irregular and soft, rendering it more difficult to comb and brush. Dirt and dust sticks much easier in the soft coat, whereas the wiry coat serves as a natural protection against dirt. The dog doesn’t become wet so easily.


Good breeders free the puppy from its puppy coat before giving it to the new owner. It is then important to groom it regularly in the first months of its life. If grooming is done regularly with young dogs, the hair loosens easier and the procedure is over in less time.


© Monika Knöpfli / Simone Vignola